A Solution for America’s Sick Care

Our nation is caught in the throes of “sick care” and disease management.  President Obama has pleaded with both the citizens and the companies of the United States to focus on preventative health.  We must all be innovative, brave, and willing to be healthy ourselves and then do what we can do to help each person be as healthy as he or she wants to be.

Dr. Andrew Weil recently presented a lecture about Integrative Medicine to an auditorium filled with budding health coaches enrolled at the New York City-based Institute of Integrative Nutrition.  He said that the current health care crisis has the potential to topple our economy on two fronts.  The first critical issue involves aging baby boomers who will need more health care coverage.  The second critical issue is the rise in childhood obesity that inevitably leads to an epidemic of diabetes and heart disease.  Our health care system currently takes up one-sixth of our total economy.  With our economy already in a fragile state, it is illogical to think that we have the resources to address one of these issues, much less both.  Without a paradigm shift in how we approach health care, we will succumb.

If baby boomers were able to reduce their need for medications and learned how to enhance their lives with healthy supplements, the burden on the health industry would be dramatically reduced.  If parents and children were educated about how to make healthier choices and supported in the process, childhood obesity trends could be reversed.

The Wellness Cooperative of New Mexico can establish itself as a premier provider of quality products, services, and education that can help people be healthier.  With boldness, the cooperative members can answer the president’s call and offer the opportunity for health and wellness to every individual.

We have a unique window of opportunity to define the new health care dynamic in America.   Who can do this better than the practitioners who already have a heart for the suffering and training to meet their needs?  All these caring souls need is connectivity – apart we are weak, together we are strong!


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