Why We Need a Health Cooperative

02 Best Teresa - cropped SMALLHello! My name is Teresa Becker and I am the Founder and Executive Director of the Wellness Cooperative of New Mexico.  Have you heard of this cooperative? No? It’s brand new, that’s why!

Cooperatives are quite common in Europe and gaining popularity in the United States because they put power in the hands of the people. Do you feel empowered when it comes to choosing the health care that is best for you and what you pay for it? The current health care system incorporates only a small percentage of natural health modalities as options for hurting people. It caters to those who can afford health insurance and neglects those who don’t. For those who are approved, the system decides what types of care will be allowed instead of making all options available.

Without affordable access to quality care and education, a suffering person’s only option is to “live with it.” But you can’t because unresolved health issue put you on a slippery slope – you know there is a cliff ahead if you don’t find a way to go back up the slope to better health.

If you go off the cliff, you end up in the sick care system that you can’t afford. Did you know that 62% of bankruptcies are due to medical bills?

You don’t want to go there, do you? Most people try to do a 180 on the slippery slope of failing health, but without tools, resources, and support, they end up doing a 360. We need help to do a successful turnaround! Enter the natural health practitioner!

Practitioners in the realm of natural health have a heart for healing and the training to go with it. However, they must compete against each other for the small percentage of people who can afford their services without aid from the health care system. Rising expenses of doing business combined with limited resources for marketing results in higher costs and lower visibility. Many healers lower prices to attract customers, which often results in them being overworked or underpaid. No one can survive indefinitely on such a business model.

The Wellness Cooperative creatively addresses these issues. Just like a food co-op makes better food more accessible, the Wellness Cooperative makes natural health care more accessible and affordable, too. We developed a better model that focuses on collaboration rather than competition and participation rather than financial resources.

This is a new paradigm that makes natural health care more accessible regardless of a person’s ability to pay.  If this is the kind of change you would like to see in the world, leave us a comment below.   Let’s start a movement that puts the power of choice in health care back into the hands of the people!



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